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Add to wishlist or to buy? With the Wish app, you can create the actual wish list of things you want, but who needs lists, when you’re only several taps apart from the new pair of shoes? The prices of the products will surely surprise you and once you’ve tried “to Wish”, you can’t stop!

Interface 5/5

Wish app is a must-have app on your smartphone for online shopping. It provides you with access to the numerous products directly from Chinese manufacturers. That’s why the prices are so catchy.

The simple light-colored design of the app will get you addicted once you created a personal account. The main menu is divided into categories such as clothing, electronics, beauty, accessories and this is not even a half of the represented options. The interface of the app was developed for an easy online shopping experience. You can customize the product search by choosing a category, brand, size and colour, and price limit.

Features 5/5

The app is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant shopping time from your smartphone. To get started with Wish app, all you need to do is to create an account using your Facebook login or your Gmail login. After you complete that, you'll be able to browse the available sales by categories. There's even a special Made for You section that includes t-shirts and mugs that can be customized with your name. Once you’ve decided to purchase an item, just add it to your card. Shipping prices vary depending on the item but are usually less than $10.

Wish allows you to configure how many notifications you receive from it. If you don’t want to get dozens of e-mails with recommended products, it is better to pay attention and manage it once in the Settings menu.

When you look for the items to buy, you will definitely get all the needed information about it. A standard item page provides such info:

  • Item name (description);
  • Photos;
  • Original price vs Wish price;
  • Size/color options (if possible);
  • Product overview;
  • Customer ratings;
  • Buyers ratings;
  • Shipping details.

Usability 5/5

The Wish app is a real treasure for those, who don’t wait for cheap clothes to be luxury ones. On the other hand, it can be a good toy for those who just like to explore stuff.

For example, many users recommend the Wish because you can find there almost everything you need to throw a party. From colourful balloons to Halloween costumes.

Compatibility 5/5

The Wish app works properly on all of the Android and iOS devices. System requirements are basic for each of the systems, so you don’t actually need to make sure if your smartphone or tablet has enough storage or the newest OS version.


From unicorn socks to iPhones and AirPods, in Wish app, you will find everything. To spend or not spend? This question can be answered easily once you give the Wish a try. The app runs smoothly, has a nice feature kit and literally sparkles with addicting catchy prices on the offered goods.

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  • I had an order of several items. I'm receiving them 1 at a time. How can I see what orders are outstanding?
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