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The ultimate is navigation is here and it's called Waze. This extraordinary app delivers real time information about traffic, jams, collisions, crashes, police, construction, and more so you can always have a clear drive to wherever you're going.

Interface 4/5

Waze is beautifully designed and performs just as well. You get access to accurate maps that display congested roads, traffic jams, construction sites, police, crashes, and more. By simply following the most clearest path, you can reach your destination faster and save a lot of time for more important things. The maps are bright and exceptionally distinctive to assist you along the way. It has easy to read notifications for when situations crop up and with accurate voice guidance, you will never miss a turn.

Features 5/5

Crowned as the world's best real-time GPS app, the Waze app brings a host of features that ensure a superb and smooth performance for every drive. It's one thing to alert you about traffic before you leave the house, but Waze delivers real-time information about traffic and other hazards that you can avoid while driving. This keeps you away from them and let's you get there faster. Another unique feature is its automatic and insanely quick rerouting function that gives you alternative routes when you're faced with traffic. Travelling to a new destination and don't know how long it will take? Don't worry because Waze calculates the estimated arrival time based on live traffic updates from around you. The app also directs you to the cheapest gas stations along your route so you never have to overpay again. If your vehicle comes with Android Auto, you can use Waze on the onboard display.

Usability 5/5

Unlike most navigation apps, Waze makes it easy for you to get from one point to the other. There are no complicated layers of viewing, or settings that are not really beneficial for your drive. The app simply delivers real-time information on a map that displays the best route for you to reach your destination faster and safer. Waze is always updating itself to make your drive smoother thanks to the 100+ million users that contribute to its enhancement. You can quickly share information about any roadblocks, accidents, construction sites, or police with just a tap. You can even share your ETA with someone you're meeting with a tap of a button so they never have to wait too long. All your favorite destinations and routes are saved so you can access them  with just a tap. Waze has a number of easy to use features that make your driving experience - as well as others - a better one.

Compatibility 5/5

The Waze navigation app is compatible on smartphones, tablets, and Android Auto devices. It is supported on devices running Android and iOS alike and is completely free to get and use.


Compared to other navigation apps, Waze truly stands out for all the right reasons. It is impressively accurate and deliver real-time information and updates about traffic, crashes, police, and other obstacles that may hinder your drive and stop you from getting to your destination on time. It even lets you contribute to help other drivers get  more accurate information. Waze keeps you updated about traffic even before you leave the house so you know when to leave. It is a must-have app for those people who drive a lot.

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