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A unique fusion of farming and urban space, Township is well-designed mobile game that allows you to make your town right from the start. In this game, you get to play the role of a farmer and city manager at the same time.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

Township comes packed with mind-blowing graphics and eye-catching designed elements such as the farms, buildings, animals, vehicles, etc. The soothing colors and excellent contrast in the game make it all the more pleasing. When it comes to sound, it is no less than anything in escalating the fun quotient of the game. One can hear cows mooing, dogs barking, birds chirping, etc. in the farm mode. When you progress in the game and establish your factories and build a city, you listen to all the urban-related sound effects. Above all, you always hear a soothing music track in the background.

Gameplay 5/5

It is quite interesting to note that the entire game is based on one core value “Efforts Yield Earnings.” All you have is a small farm in the start of the game. You sow the seeds, harvest crops, sell them and earn money. The game currency is called “T-Cash.”

As you start earning money, you can invest the same in the development of your own town. You can build cinemas, hospitals, restaurants, factories and various other community buildings in the game. In fact, you can even involve in trading with other countries in the game. 

Want to build a zoo of your own? You can do so by purchasing animals from different countries and assembling them in your city. You can even add prominent buildings and architectural beauties such as Big Bang, Statue of Liberty, etc.
In the online mode, you can even play with your friends on Facebook and Google+.

Controls 4/5

The game controls are based on two simple concepts which are tap and drag. Various areas and regions keep on flickering from time to time. As it happens, you, as a gamer, need to tap on them. On tapping, you are provided with multiple options. It could be anything from collecting something to investing money. You can select any option by tapping on it. You can move to different areas of the city or the farm by simply dragging the screen in any of the direction. 

Lasting Appeal 5/5

Township is known to create an everlasting appeal for the gamers owing to its eye-catching graphics, mesmerizing music and a plethora of sound effects. Adding to the appeal is the curiosity to find out the progress of city development, crop, increase in the earning, status of a building construction, etc. Because these things take time, the gamer is encouraged to peek at the game from time to time.

Difficulty Level

The game is more about priority and strategizing the work rather than difficulty. It is essential for the gamer to properly divide the resources so as to manifold his income. Having mentioned that, the proper allocation of everything does pose a challenge for the gamers.


Township is one such game which is the epitome of attractive and distinct graphics. The game offers you the creative freedom and a plenty of amazing elements to build your own city. In fact, you can even move to your friend’s city and take some inspiration for the development. Every level unlocks something such as a train, cargo plane, etc. The keenness and curiosity to unlock something keep the players on their toes. 

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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