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Snapchat is a versatile image sharing and messaging app that allows users to share their content for a limited amount of time. Ideal for those who do not prefer creating an online footprint, the images, videos or text that is uploaded, automatically disappears, seconds after friends have viewed the content.

Interface 4/5

The design and user interface of Snapchat is vibrant and colorful and would appeal to young users. The main screen of the app consists of a camera with a snapshot function at the bottom. On the right hand corner of the main screen is the chat section that allows users to chat with other friends on the app, and on the left hand corner is the Stories section which showcases posts by popular magazines and your added friends.

Features 5/5

Loaded with a ton of impressive and exciting features, Snapchat is one among the widely growing apps that is extremely addictive and utilized mostly by young folk. With a significant development from the first time it was released, users are now able to click photographs, add colorful captions with different text, add location, and get access to various filters that are fun and engaging. These images can then be shared via stories or sent to a single user. One of the most used features is the snap chat filters that alter the appearance of the user, changing them into animals, or funny creatures and more. The “face swap” feature is another entertaining element. On adding your friends and family, you can also utilize the app to chat and message each other, send videos, stickers and images to enhance your communication. Users are also given the option to save their images or any image they like to the “memories” section of the app which is a personal collection of your favorite images only for your viewing.

Usability 5/5

Simple, fun and easy to utilize, Snapchat is convenient and highly functional. For first time users, it might take you a few minutes to figure out how to get the filters to turn on, but once you know, there is no stopping you. Sending snaps and stories are easy and can be accessed via the main screen by just clicking the camera button which is the large round button at the bottom. Once the image is captured, a blue arrow would appear which allows you to send the snap to your stories or to a particular friend. This screen also comes with a “save” option allowing you to save your image to your gallery. For utilizing the filters, you simple need to scroll to the left to get a wide range of colorful filters, and to use the appearance changing filters, double tap on your face with the front facing camera turned on. The app also allows short video recording, which can be accessed by simply holding the round button.

Compatibility 5/5

Snapchat can be geted for free and accessed on both iOS and Android devices. The version and the size of the app vary with the device. However The latest addition to the app is the online platform that allow users to utilize the same features via their laptop or desktop.


Uniquely crafted and packed with features that target a younger demographic, Snapchat is a friendly and amusing way of chatting and sharing videos and images. Not only does it come with entertaining filters and features, users can also stay up to date on news and magazines as well as other friends via the “stories” section of the app. Designed with a vibrant, colorful user interface, this app is the perfect real-time image sharing platform with a self-destruct feature.

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