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The SkyView Free app allows users to be just like the astronomers and get to see the stars and constellations first hand, by entering their location in the SkyView Free app. The app has a stunning design which guides users through an interactive experience that brings the sky to you and takes your stargazing to another level. The app uses your device's camera to accurately pinpoint stars and other celestial things in the sky regardless of the time of the day.

Interface 5/5

The SkyView Free app has a highly intuitive interface, which is coupled with a visually stunning design, which is both beautiful to look at and simple to navigate. The SkyView Free app works with your device’s camera to intuitively locate celestial bodies and stars in the sky, whether it be daytime or night time. The interface is user-friendly, and a breeze to set-up and get running instantly.

Features 4/5

Users can locate constellations as they use their camera to scan the sky above them and recognize planets around the solar system, far away galaxies, and satellites as they glide through the sky. The app is easy to use, and allows users to simply aim their device up to the sky and let the app use its smart technology to identify what it finds. The SkyView app contains a Night Mode setting which gives users a night vision feature, which they can use with either a green or red filter. The app contains an Augemented Reality feature which allows users to locate objects regardless of the time of day, and a Sky Path feature which tracks objects in the sky to see their course of travel.

The Time Travel feature allows users to manipulate the time and view the sky from a different time or date. Users can also take image captures of their stunning SkyView Free screen, to send to anyone on your social network. The app does not require WiFi to run, and is not reliant on data or GPS navigation, so users can take it to even remote locations for stargazing at any time they like. Users can take it boating, flying or camping without needing to use any internet connection, and it also supports use with the Space Navigator spotting scope, telescopes or binoculars!

Usability 4/5

The SkyView Free app is simple to use for people of all ages. Users do not have to be tech savvy in order to enjoy or navigate this simple app. Using your device to scan the sky, the app does all of the rest of the work for you with its smart interface.

Compatibility 4/5

The SkyView Free app is available for use with Android devices of 4.0.3 and up.


The SkyView app lets you be the astronomer and begin stargazing on your own any time of the night or day.  This app combines a beautiful interface with the ease of using your camera to scan the sky and receive intuitive information from the SkyView app. The app also doesn’t require WiFi or data to run.

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  • I really enjoy "SkyView Free", everyone should try it...I'm increasingly impressed by it. On my mobile it's better than a 'scope, when I'm out at night...five stars ,at least...not to mention the galaxies!
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