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Simple Radio is an app that offers you access to more than 45 thousand different radio stations from all over around the world, and it is completely free. The name really says it all, because this app allows you to find new music without any effort.

Interface 4/5

As one might expect, the interface is quite simple and clean. Its main function is to help you access music fast and easy, and there is just no useless interface elements or redundant options you have to scroll through. Just type your request in the search box, and the app will show you all fitting radio stations from the most popular to small local ones.

Every feature is designed to require very little effort. For example, you can access the list of your favorites with just one tap, which allows you to play music right away instead of searching for it every time you use the app. Other controls are smooth as well, and you can pause the song that is playing at the moment to return to the station later.

Features 3/5

Simple Radio is indeed simple, and the whole point of this app is to offer a pure experience of listening to radio without having to deal with lots and lots of unnecessary features. Some users may find this lack of any extra options unsatisfactory, but the app is clearly marketed as just a convenient radio player, and not as a complex tool for audiophiles.

Usability 4/5

The lack of almost any extra features doesn’t make Simple Radio any worse. The search is very flexible, and you can sort stations by country, by genre, by state or even by city. This way you can find your favorite local radio stations and listen to them on your smartphone, or try something completely new and give some station from other city or even country a try.

And there is a lot of stations to choose from. The sheer number of 45 thousand is impressive enough, and there are many programs out there, including not only every kind of music imaginable, but also sports, talk shows, and news. The sound quality is rather high, so if your Internet connection is stable, you probably won’t have to deal with any problems using this app.

Compatibility 4/5

This version of the app supports only Android devices, but there are versions for multiple other platforms, and not only for iPhones or iPads, but also for Google Chromecast, Amazon Alexa, and many others. And you can find a desktop version of this app, too. That means you can listen to your favorites almost anywhere you go, like in a car or on a walk.


Simple Radio is very easy to use. The app doesn’t have many features, but it serves its main purpose extremely well, allowing you to access thousands of radio stations with just a few taps, and listen to them anywhere you go. All in all, the app is perfect for people who don’t care about different options and customization too much and just want to listen to some radio.


  • High sound quality
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Powerful and flexible search
  • A lot of different radio stations available.


  • Almost no extra features
  • Occasional bugs and errors
  • Ads can be quite annoying.
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