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The world’s largest social play platform, Roblox lets you build your own games, play and share them with more than 55 million players that are a part of the Roblox community.

Graphics and Sound 3/5

Because Roblox has community generated games, the graphics are not that appealing. It has washed-out colors and visuals that are quite blocky. However, the graphics can be tweaked a little bit by going into the settings. Regarding the sound of the game, it is either a hit or miss owing to the fact that there are community-based developers behind the games. In most of the parts of the game, the music or sound effects are same.

Gameplay 4/5

The basis of the game is your creativity and imagination. You can use your creative skills and create whatever you want. You can make your own theme park, take a part in a car race, organize a fashion show and undertake much more. When you get into the multiplayer online mode, you can hangout with your friends in the whole of the gaming environment. You can even chat with your friends individually and in the group.
You can also customize your gaming character easily with the help of new outfits, hairstyle, facial expressions, etc.
There is a currency in the game called Robux which you can purchase by investing the real money. You can do so with the help of your credit or debit card. This currency is then used to purchase in-game upgrades, buying accessories, etc. You can even be a part of the “Builders Club” in the game which has its own advantages, as well as, privileges.

Controls 4/5

Because the games are developed by the community-based developers, they can set the controls on their own. There are games of different genres and niches and each one of them has customized control to control the gaming character. However, the controllers are always placed clearly on the interface of the game so as to inform the players about their functions.

Lasting Appeal 3/5

Roblox consists of a myriad of mini-games that have been built by the developers on the PC platform called the Roblox Studio. More than the gamers, it has a lasting appeal for the developers as they come more frequently to play their games and find out who all are playing their developed games. Apart from checking the status of the game, they return to eliminate any bug in the game that the gamers are facing. While on the other hand, Gamers too come frequently to find out the launch of any new game.

Difficulty Level

Again, as there is no one game in Roblox, commenting on the difficulty level would be tricky. However, each game has its own level of difficulty depending on its design. Also, the developers keep all the difficulty level right from rookie to veteran level.


To rejoice a moderated gaming environment where creativity and imagination rules, Roblox is the game that you need to get, setup and play. With Roblox, you can develop your own game, play it privately or share with others easily. You can even use the Roblox platform to find out the most popular game and its genre. You can even advertise your developed game on the platform to make it famous among the gamers.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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