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If you are a photography or selfie buff and love to hike up the elegant quotient of the image, then Prisma is an app that is sure to charm you.

Interface 5/5

Such a powerful image transformation application with a simple interface is a rare combination. The app offers multiple image clicking options placed strategically on all the four corners of the phone’s screen. Once the image has been clicked, Prisma displays numerous image filters lined up clearly in a row. One can browse through the feed and profile section by simply dragging the screen from left to right and vice versa. All in all, the app is known for its neat and organized interface.

Features 5/5

The Prisma app was once in trend and it is still quite popular owing to its various interesting and useful features. Once you allow the app to access your camera, you can click pictures directly from the app’s interface. The app comes with a selfie mode too. When you enable this mode, the app uses the front camera rather than the rear one to click the picture.
The app also allows you to disable/enable the phone’s flash. Thus, with your flash on or off, you better control the light of your photo. In case, you already have an image stored in your gallery, you can select that with the help of the app and apply filters to it.

Undoubtedly, there are oodles of different filters that are simply unmatchable. These filters are based on some famous patterns or textures viz. Picasso, Caribbean, The Great Wave, etc. Once you are happy with the filter, you can either get the image to your gallery or share with your friends through various mediums such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. The app also lets you discover the pictures of other Prisma fans and other “Prismic” images that are currently in trend. 

Usability 5/5

There are numerous uses and applications of the app that tag along with it. With a slew of modern art filters and stunning photo effects, the app eliminates the use of any sophisticated computer software to edit the image. Because applying a filter is a few second affair, many use the app to experiment with their image.

However, Prisma is not just about limited filters. The team of Prisma Labs keeps on adding new filters on a regular basis, thereby, making the app one of the biggest hubs of photo filters. One can use the store functionality of the app to browse through these new and updated filters.

One of the most popular uses of the application is sharing the post-filter images on the social media. In case, you do not wish to save the image in your phone but share it instantly, you can do it with the help of various social media sharing options.

Compatibility 5/5

The Prisma app works just fine on the devices that are powered by Android operating system and devices that are supported by iOS 9.0 or later.


Break the monotony of uploading mundane photos on social media with the Prisma app. It is simple to install and offers a wide range of photo effects to choose from. Whether you wish to click a picture directly from the app or upload an image from the gallery, the app has various amazing features and functionalities that hike up the fun of image editing. Give a fresh look and creative perspective to all your snaps with the innovative Prisma application.

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