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Got a new iPhone or iPad? Looking forward to transferring data from Android device to your newly bought Apple gadget? If you just nodded, Move to iOS app is here to your rescue. This light yet powerful app allows to you to transfer data from Android to Apple device seamlessly.

Interface 5/5

The Move to iOS is perhaps one of those apps with the simplest yet elegant interface. Right from pairing the devices with the help of a passcode to initiating the ‘move’ process, everything has been kept minimalist. The interface boast of a white background with options available in big, clear and black fonts. All in all, the interface is quite easy to understand and simple to operate.

Features 5/5

It becomes quite a troublesome task when you have a got a new iPhone and you need to move your data to it from your old Android phone. Either the data format is not supported or you need a mediator such as a computer system to do the job. But not anymore!

The Move to iOS comes with a basic transfer feature that lets you transfer all your data seamlessly from your Android phone to your Apple phone. Once the pairing with the help of a passcode is done, the app shows various options for data transfers. The application allows you to transfer your camera images, messages, contacts, bookmarks, and data from the Google account.

Above all, there is no need to worry about any sort of data leak or privacy compromise. The transfer takes place over a private Wi-Fi network that comes into existence once your iPhone securely finds an Android phone running the Move to iOS app.

Usability 5/5

Though the basic use of the application is to transfer data from an Android device to an Apple device, it comes handy on various other occasions as well. For those looking forward to taking a backup of their data from an Android phone to an Apple phone, the app extends a helping hand.

Be it messages, contacts or bookmarks, the app can efficiently transfer data to the Apple phone. In fact, apart from transferring data to an iPhone, this app can help in transferring data from an Android device to your iPad as well. However, the process, features, and functionalities remain the same. 

The new version of this amazing app has plenty of other uses as well. Based on the apps installed on your Android device, it can suggest apps for your iPhone or iPad. It shows both free apps and apps that can be purchased.

Compatibility 5/5

When it comes to the compatibility, Move to iOS runs perfectly on all the Android devices that are powered by Android 4.0 or later.


Moving to iOS from Android is a unique experience on its own. And getting hands on a new iPhone or iPad is, perhaps, one of the best feelings ever. However, if the data transfer process from the previous Android device to the new Apple device is not seamless, the entire experience can turn sour. Move to iOS is a great Android app that makes the entire process of transferring your data to your Apple device a quick, safe, and secure affair. 

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