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For those who are passionate about enthralling warfare games, Mobile Strike is the perfect choice for you. Defend yourself against powerful enemies, make the most of your weaponry and destroy your opponents with this fun, dynamic game.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

Packed with brilliant sound effects and HD graphics, Mobile Strike takes you to a different level ensuring you are completely captured by the top-notch design, special effects and background music of the game. The intensity and drive in this game builds up each time you attack and annihilate your enemies. The visuals are realistic and extremely engaging and the music effects help to complement and enhance the gameplay. Bombing territories and wiping out your enemies has never felt this real and power-packed.

Gameplay 4/5

Mobile Strike is an action packed adventure that is mainly based on how well you utilize your weapons to destroy the enemy. Loaded with an arsenal of brilliantly designed weapons, players are given various missions to complete, over a wide range of different terrains and various troops are set out to complete them. Join players from all over the world and create your troops with special vehicles like tanks or chose high end artillery to wipe out the enemy base. Players are given the option of creating aerial attacks that can clear out opponents from their own territory. One must remember to keep their own base strong and well defended as it holds your troops and weapons. Mobile Strike is one among the many well known MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games that allows users to play with other users and create alliances to perform well-planned attacks on their enemies. Cross the borders and conquer nearby terrains and take them over to expand your empire. Train your troops, level up and command your forces that consist of 16 types of troops. Do this to achieve a higher level and ranking in the game.

Controls 4/5

The controls of the Mobile Strike game are smooth and work well on touch screen devices. Thanks to its high end graphics and well designed interface, users are able to attack and defend with just a few buttons and tabs. Adjusting of settings, building and customizing your war base and battleground, collecting weaponry and engaging with powerful war machines as well as commanding armies and viewing maps, is a breeze and can be easily controlled thanks to its listed features and functions on the main screen of the game.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

Mobile strike is an exciting war based game that would keep you glued for hours on end if you are one who likes action games. It automatically creates a connection with the player from the word go, owing to its stunning graphics, high quality sound effects and top-notch gameplay. Its multiplayer feature is another great way to keep players fixated. For users who like games that test your strategic skills, this one would keep you planning and plotting for hours.

Difficulty Level 4/5

Although Mobile Strike enhances your strategic and reasoning skills and abilities, it may be difficult for those who would just like to enjoy a basic war based game with simple weapons and battling with enemies. Designed for hardcore gamers, this game would be tough for those who are new to such games.


Mobile strike is one among the most played warfare games that are available today and attract users from all over the globe. Owing to its multiplayer feature, most users find themselves drawn to it for hours, creating and collaborating with other players, plotting and strategizing ways to defeat the enemies and make their way up to the top of the ranks. Get the app for free and enjoy hours of challenging, action-packed gameplay.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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  • Contacting mobile strike is nearly impossible when game does not function properly and keeps kicking player out in the middle of a fight. It is virtually impossible to contact Mobile strike for technical help when the game kicks a player usually after 3 hrs. of constant play. They always claim its because your internet connection is bad. (if it were bad
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