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Have you ever dreamed about Minecraft game that will fit in your pocket? Created especially for smartphones and tablets version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will become an irreplaceable toy-ish app on your device after you discover the greatness of the cubic world.

Visuals and Sounds 5/5

The Minecraft game looks just amazing in its own unusual blocky way, and that’s what makes it special. However, for some players, the cubic world can seem primitive with boring graphic design. But once you’ve tried, I promise you want to play again.

What makes this sandbox great is how it enables your creativity. Block by block you’ll reshape, polish and turn the primitive Minecraft world into whatever you want. You can build a seaside home or a stairway to Heaven or any other stuff you can imagine.

Game sounds aren’t distracting at all. However, you can mute them in the settings menu if you want.

Gameplay 5/5

Like in the original Minecraft game, players of the Pocket Edition version fall into the cubic Minecraft World. You can “mine” these cubes and use them as a building material to “craft” buildings and dozens of other objects.

There is no particular story or plot you should follow. Your only force is the power of your imagination and creating will.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available Creative and Survival modes. The Creative mode is my favorite one because it gives you unlimited opportunities to create and build whatever you want. No particular tasks or missions but a whole pixelated game world to build it up in the way you like. In the Survival mode, the game twists in a slightly different way. During the daytime, you can stow block by block both ordinary structures like houses or golf fields and try to go above the ground. Who said castles can’t be located up in clouds? But don’t stay up late. When night falls, monsters come and attack you and can even destroy your creations.

Minecraft Pocket Edition also offers you to buy character skins.  They can be effective only for online battles, but still, they’re optional.

Controls 5/5

Minecraft has the usual control pattern with direction arrows and a jump button in the center. Game's controls offer you a set of simple and intuitive actions. Tap on the screen to select blocks and hold to set or extract them. When you get the needed material, an empty circle will appear around your finger. It fills as the block collapses. When the building is complete, you will receive a notification as a vibration signal. For experienced players, it is no secret that the blocks are mined and placed in the Pocket Edition much further compared to the PC version. This greatly simplifies the gameplay of the mobile version of the game.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

There is no actual data on the average duration of a game session in Minecraft. I think it’s just up to you. Yet, I can assume that users usually can’t leave their smartphones for several hours.

But, performing rather monotonous and routine actions too often can annoy you soon.

Difficulty Level 

The Minecraft game isn’t too hard to get used to. Once you’ve tried to play and create things, you’ll return to the game soon. For those, who played the original PC or any console version, it can be hard for the first time, because of the PE world can be too small for an experienced gamer.


Minecraft is the first well-thought-out sandbox in the history of game developing, and it conquered its auditory due to the perfect development. With this game you have opportunities for crafting and construction with a minimum of restrictions. Not surprising how soon the game became a favorite for both adults and children.


  • Awesome sandbox gameplay
  • Runs smoothly literally on any Android/iOS device
  • Provides maximum features of the PC version game
  • Good for both kids and adults.


  • Only two gameplay modes
  • Can’t be used to play on servers with java-version gamers
  • Multiplayer mode is rather glitchy.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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