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The Microsoft Excel app is an efficient and handy tool that allows creating and editing of spreadsheets and worksheets on the go. With an array of useful features, the Excel app is similar to that of the PC version.

Interface 4/5

Featuring an elegant and classic design and interface, the app comes with a clear-cut set of features and functions listed on the main menu. With simple navigation, you can easily access each function while creating your slideshow or presentation. The buttons and tabs are similar to that of the desktop version of the application and the font, text formatting and other important tools are easy to use and do not require any additional knowledge while utilizing the app.

Features 5/5

Create, edit and present with confidence, thanks to the new PowerPoint, anytime, and anywhere. Loaded with all the necessary tools and functions you would need to create the perfect presentation, the app comes with special background templates you can choose from, transition effects, inserting of unlimited number of images, choosing from a variety of font styles, adding of videos and much more. You also get to select from a range of animations, tables, charts and graphics to enhance your slideshow. The app also allows direct viewing of other PowerPoint presentations directly via email attachments to help save time. Another great feature of the app is its sharing function, which allows you to easily share your data and files with other users or work alongside other users on the same presentation, with the help of SharePoint. Other features include a handy laser pointer tool that helps you point out certain data while presenting to help enhance the overall experience.

Usability 4/5

Reliable, effective and convenient, the Microsoft PowerPoint app definitely helps in saving valuable time, when you do not have access to a PC or laptop. Adding various elements and creating and designing your slideshow or presentation are easy, thanks to its intuitive design. With its touch functionality, you can easily drag and drop, insert images, create tables and charts, format text without any hassle. The app allows easy sharing where you can publish your files and documents to a common library and edit permission for other users to edit or view the presentation. Finished presentations can be shared or sent to other users via email attachments as well, or you can directly view other presentations sent to you through the app. With its easy syncing feature, you can access your creations on different devices and present your data anytime, anywhere. However all features are not available on the standard version and require a subscription to Office365.

Compatibility 4/5

The Microsoft PowerPoint app can be geted for free on both iOS and Android compatible devices. However on Android, it requires a 4.4 and above, operating system and on iOS it requires 8.0 or later and can be utilized on iPhones, iPods and iPads.


Presentations and slideshows have become an integral part of school activities, business meets and a conference, therefore creating the perfect presentation is necessary. With all the required tools and elements available, you can create professional style presentations on-the-go without any hassle. Select from a wide range of various tools and functions, you can enhance your data and express yourself even better. Share your creations with others, work on them alongside other colleagues or present your own work by syncing it to other devices.

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