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Tired of hailing cabs and taxis? Don’t have time to wait for a car to pick you up? The Lyft app will help to save your time and get you a cab just in few seconds.

Interface 5/5

The app has a simple interface with an intuitive control system. Once you’ve downloaded Lyft, it will request to enter your phone number, credit card information and ask to get access to your location. After you complete the minimum registration algorithm, you are able to use the app immediately.

You can book a ride just in few taps. Press the “Request Lyft” button and complete some simple steps, the driver will pick you up in less than 10 minutes.

Features 5/5

The Lyft app provides all the basic cab-calling app tools. You get a personal account from which you can see the history of the rides you’ve made and bills for every destination you got to.

If they say that time is money, with Lyft app you save both of them. The built-in map lets you choose the current location and enter the destination point, after that you can select the Lyft driver to pick you up and get info about the estimated arrival time. The ride price will also be available once you choose a car.

The mechanism works this way: you request the car, get to the destination fast and cheap, you pay with the card automatically. If you enjoyed the ride you had, you can pay the driver an extra tip or leave feedback in the app. With Lyft app you can even add a stop along your route. It means you can pick up a friend or grab a coffee-to-go if it’s needed.

One of the most helpful Lyft app features is the “one tap to ride” button. You can quickly request your most visited destinations like home, work or a favourite restaurant just with one tap on the screen. After you choose your needed destination, you will see a list of Lyft ride options. You can see ride pricing, arrival time, and vehicle size in the app and choose the most appropriate one. Travel with regular Lyft ride or try Lyft XL if you have a company of friends to go with you.

Usability 4/5

Lyft app is easy to use for both experienced and newbie taxi-picking app users.

The one thing that bothers most of the users is that the app uses your location info constantly. It’s convenient because you don’t have to wait for your data to be downloaded when you are in a hurry. There are some concerns about personal information privacy, but you don’t have to be worried about your safety.

The home screen of the Lyft  app asks you “Where are you going?”

Just type in your destination address and see the nearby drivers available on the map - it is all you need to do. It's simple like a piece of cake!

Compatibility 5/5

The Lyft app works well on the Android, iOS and Windows systems. Before installing, make sure the version of the system on your device meets the system requirements of the app.


Skipping a bus or lack of time is not a problem anymore with the apps such as Lyft app. Get a car in just a few minutes while you drink the morning cup of coffee and get to the destination without being worried that you’ll be late.

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  • All those things listed here are completely true. I was using both Lyft and Uber for almost 6 months when I was traveling the West Coast, and I would say I prefer Lyft more. I'm planning to change plan to Lyft XL, but where I can find information on how to download Lyft driving history for tax? I'll need this in the future and especially on business trips. So, any thoughts?
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