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LiveMe is a well-known streaming app with the largest broadcasting community in the world. You can chat with people from many different countries to find new friends, broadcast almost anything you want to express yourself or become popular, and even earn real money for that.

Interface 4/5

The interface is nice and informative, but it may take some time for a new user to get used to it. There are so many things happening that at first you may feel a little disoriented. But really, it’s quite simple – you either broadcast yourself doing something like singing or just talking about anything you want, or watch others’ live broadcast and communicate with them via in-app chat.

The broadcasts are divided into several categories. You can choose to watch only the most popular streaming channels, or find something new in the discovery section. And if you want to make your own broadcast, there is a simple interface for that as well. All in all, the app works very smoothly, and its design matches it rather well.

Features 5/5

LiveMe has all the features a streaming app could need. Of course, the main feature is live broadcasting your own everyday life to other users, and you don’t really have to be a celebrity to have a few followers or make some friends. And if you don’t feel like doing anything, you can watch others perform, and that includes game streaming as well.

But the broadcasting system is not the only thing the app can offer. There is also this complex system of levels that motivates you to keep watching and creating videos, as well as some in-app purchases. The chat helps you to communicate with your favorite streamers in real-time, and send gifts to get their attention. There are also direct messages as well when you need to contact a specific user.

Usability 5/5

The app is very useful, whether you want to just find some friends and watch somebody play a game you like, or earn real money for broadcasting something you do well. It is quite comfortable and very well designed, so it can become one of your most favorite social media platforms very fast. The interface is informative, so you can concentrate on finding new friends rather than solving problems.

Compatibility 4/5

This version of LiveMe is compatible only with Android devices, but there are other versions for different OS options – particularly, the iOS version that works with iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices.


LiveMe is one of the best apps that are meant specifically for live broadcasting. It offers you great flexibility, a lot of interesting features, and a huge friendly community. Watch your favorite celebrities broadcast and use chat to communicate with them for free – or start your own broadcast and earn real money from followers. It is highly recommended for anyone who likes to socialize.


  • Comfortable interface
  • Many useful features
  • Very popular.


  • Requires some time to get used to
  • May become too addictive.
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