With the Kodi media center, you get the best entertainment hub to host all your favorite media. It is an award-winning software that is free to use and is a cross-platform open source media player that is ideal for HTPCs.

Interface 4/5

The app comes with a 10-foot interface that is designed to be used in a living room or large space. With a very basic and easy to use interface, the Kodi app delivers a sleek and smooth user experience. The app has a number of functions and features that are easily accessible. You can gain access to the Music Videos, TV, Radio, Add-Ons, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, and Weather tabs. The Kodi app is useful for those users who enjoy all types of digital media and want access to them instantly.

Features 4/5

In this day and age, digital media is the only way to go and the Kodi app more than delivers just what you need - and then some. The media center offers a long list of features that make it one of the best in the industry. If you love watching live TV but refuse to pay the exuberant prices, then the Kodi app is perfect for you. It brings you the latest shows and movies - without the hassle of ads. The channels come from networks like PBS, The History Channel, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and many more. Some of the more popular TV plugins available are Phoenix, cCloud TV, USTVnow, and more. One key feature is that the Kodi app is compatible with most devices - even older smartphones. Worried about reaching your data limits on your smartphone? With the Kodi app, you can stream your favorite content from a desktop and onto your mobile screen. Want to share your photos at a family gathering? Do it easily through the Kodi app by casting your images, videos, and more directly onto the TV screen.

Usability 4/5

Bringing you a performance that is unmatched anywhere online, the Kodi app is a remarkable tool to help you watch, share, and customize your media viewing experience. Even though the app brings a performance that is powerful and extremely detailed, it is impressively easy to use. From the time the app is turned on, it lets you operate the functions without any hassle. The functions, tabs, features, and settings are all available at the touch of a button. You can customize the media player to your liking and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, music, photos, videos, and more, as and when you like. The Kodi media center is one of the most user-friendly softwares available for mobile devices and ensures that every user has the best experience. It is an ingenious way to have full control over your media center through your mobile phone. You can also catch up on previously downloaded content without an internet connection.

Compatibility 5/5

The Kodi app is available and compatible on all smartphones and tablets. It supports devices that run on Android as well as iOS operating systems. The app is not compatible with devices that do not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


With the Kodi app, you can setup and control your media center remotely without any hassles. It is an easy and efficient way to playback your saved and favorite music, movies, videos, photos, and other content. Your smartphone becomes the remote for the media center which enables you to customize your entertainment from anywhere within the home. Thanks to its easy to use design and interface and extended functionality, the Kodi app has grown in popularity and is considered one of the best online.

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