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The KODAK Kiosk Connect app conveniently makes it possible for users to easily print and collect their photos from a variety of nearby KODAK Picture Kiosk locations. This app gives users a variety of beneficial features, including locating a Kodak Kiosk and sending their photos wirelessly for printing. The app ensures that photos are delivered securely from an Android smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a KODAK Picture Kiosk for ease of printing on the spot.

Interface 4/5

The KODAK Kiosk Connect app has a clean and smart user interface, which provides users with all of the helpful features readily available from the app’s main page. This app has a sleek design that is user-friendly and a breeze to navigate. There is no additional installation or set-up required to run the KODAK Kiosk Connect app, and users can easily find all of the options at a glance.

Features 4/5

The KODAK Kiosk Connect app has a variety of essential features for anyone looking to quickly and easily print photos from their Android device, at a conveniently located KODAK Picture Kiosk. Gone are the days of bringing a USB drive, CD, or DVD to a photo center and waiting for your photos to be ready. The hassle of having to upload photos first to a detachable memory card takes away from what should be a simple and streamlined process. The KODAK Kiosk Connect app allows users to locate the nearest KODAK Kiosk in their area or designate a preferred pick-up area. Additionally, users can send their pictures wirelessly from any Android device to the requested KODAK Picture Kiosk and pick-up whenever it is convenient for them.

Usability 4/5

The KODAK Kiosk Connect makes it easy for users of all ages to navigate the interface, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to simply follow the prompts, in order to print all of your photos fast. The app has tools to ensure that you are guided through the entire process from start to finish, so there is no complicated learning curve to be hurdled. The only downside to the app, is that not all KODAK Picture Kiosks are Wi-Fi enabled, and therefore, it is suggested that users contact their preferred KODAK Picture Kiosk location prior to transferring photos for pick-up.

Compatibility 3/5

The KODAK Kiosk Connect app currently supports the use is most commonly used Android devices, including their smartphones, tablets and laptops. The app also requires Android 4.1 and higher to run.


The KODAK Kiosk Connect app is a user-friendly and convenient app for printing all of your important photos from any of your Android devices quickly and locate a nearby KODAK Picture Kiosk to pick them up. Users just need to ensure that the KODAK Picture Kiosk is connected to Wi-Fi by contacting the location of the Kiosk prior to sending their photos. The newest version of the app now includes enhanced Wi-Fi security features, for added safety when transferring your photos. 

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