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Uniquely put together by Jehova’s Witnesses, the JW Library app is a one stop tool that offers you with the best content for the perfect bible study. Containing a wide range of books, brochures and bible translations, this app is the most well-written and convenient.

Interface 4/5

The JW Library is a clear cut, well designed app with a simple and straightforward user interface. All features and functions are listed clearly and showcased in different categories to help you select from a wide range of bible translations, books and other important digital material that you would need to carry out your bible study. It comes with an extensive menu on the top of the screen that allows you to chose from all its features at one glance.

Features 5/5

Get access to all you need when it comes to carrying out a prime bible study. Packed with all the latest brochures, a complete list of bible translations, and other important books, the JW Library is a convenient app that allows you to refer to and check, on the go. With just a few simple clicks users can utilize the special translation feature that gives you a number of different bible translations. Users can compare different verses and their versions by clicking on the particular verse. The app also provides you with additional information on any particular material that you have read by clicking on its footnote. Bookmarking of your favorite verse or chapter or any material that might have caught your interest is easy and can be done by accessing the bookmark function. View your history of past content you have read and select on any one that you wish to read again with just a click. The JW Library app also gives users a quick search feature that allows you to search for a specific word present in any book or chapter you are reading.

Usability 4/5

The JW Library is well known for its optimal functionality and usability. It features an array of beneficial tools that helps users with their bible study. Navigating through the app is easy and all features are listed on the menu and can be located quickly. By just side swapping from the main screen you can get access to all the listed features within seconds. User-friendly and simplified, all the books that are available on the app are well organized and categorized, ensuring you do not have trouble finding exactly what you need. The bookmark function and search function are extremely handy and can be utilized to save time as well as to locate any phrase of word that crosses your mind. It also comes with a “Favorites” section as well as a “Frequently used” section that allows you to view your recent content viewed and save them as your favorites. Overall the app is convenient and suitable for all users.

Compatibility 5/5

The JW Library App is compatible with all Android, iOS and Windows operating systems and is free to get. It can be utilized on any smart device like your mobile phone or tablet as well as on your desktop.


The JW Library is a well-planned, time-saving app that provides users with all the necessary information they require for their bible study, on the go. With a complete database of brochures, important books, readings and bible translations, this useful app is a great platform to get bible readings no matter where you may be. Well organized, creatively designed and user-friendly, this concise app is beneficial and easy to refer to.

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