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Uniquely designed for recording and observation purposes, the iVMS-4500 is a powerful app that can be utilized for checking live coverage, and recorded content via decoders and encoders, network cameras and other inspection camera apparatus.

Interface 4/5

Developed by the well know HIKVISION, the user interface of the iVMS-4500 has been kept as simple and straightforward as possible. However the app may be confusing at first but users would get comfortable and find it easier to navigate with time. The bottom of the app contains all its necessary features and functions that you would require to record, view and survey live coverage. With just a few clicks on the relevant tabs, the app would take you to different functionalities.

Features 4/5

The iVMS-4500 is a convenient and reliable app that connects its users to various inspection devices, allowing you to keep a track of live coverage or record content for future viewing. With a quick and dependable internet connection, you can expect the app to function at its best. It also works well through Wi-Fi and helps save a lot of data that you may be using via your cellular network. One of the most important and dynamic features of this app is the live view function. Users can stay connected on the app via their mobile phone and view live coverage of any particular place they would like to survey. This can be utilized at your homes, office or anywhere that you would like. Apart from viewing live coverage you can also check recorded content from your saved data or record activities while you are not around and view them later. It also comes with a handy playback feature that allows you to play a certain part of the video by selecting the time you would like to view. Another great feature is the alarm which you can set up if any unfamiliar activity takes place.

Usability 4/5

The iVMS-4500 app is highly functional and enables quick and easy surveillance via the app on any device. With just a domain you can get full access to the device connected, even if you do not have the IP address of the device. This enables better and a much more reliable connection. The functionality and usability also depends widely on the resolution of the videos viewed. The app offers and supports video resolutions of 400 x 800 up to 1920 x 1080 giving you high quality and clarity so that you do not miss out on any activities or happenings. However depending on the selected resolution chosen by the user, the amount of data utilized would vary. If viewed on a lesser resolution, the data used would be less and would give you a less clear video, whereas a high resolution video would be crystal clear but would consume more data.

Compatibility 5/5

The developer of the iVMS-4500 app has uniquely designed it to work Android, Mac, iOS and Windows operating systems. However each version of the app requires devices with higher OS, like for instance, some versions require Android 4.0 and above.


Perfectly constructed and well designed, the iVMS-4500 app caters to all the necessary requirements that are needed for optimal surveillance and inspection. For many users, it is considered as a must have app especially for those who own businesses and big companies and who would like to keep a watch of all happenings taking place. With just a few adjustments to the settings, this app functions well and can the amount of data utilized can be leveled by regulating the resolution of the camera.

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