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Break all internet fetters and access block app and websites without compromising on disclosure of your identity. Hotspot Shield utilizes the power of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to transfer information over the internet.

Interface – 4/5

As Hotspot Shield concerns with limited on screen functions, a simple and sober interface is an expectation. The developers ensured a distraction free interface that displays the status of the connection and other details like server location, data transfer speed, and so on.
The interface displays the duration for which the Hotspot Shield was in use. On the top-left side, you can access all the features. Some are available in the free version while others are accessible by the Elite members.

Features – 4/5

The basic functionality of Hotspot Shield revolves around blocking the identification of your IP address. When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can access restricted websites without any fear. When Hotspot Shield is activated, your IP address cannot be tracked.
Geo-restricted content is always in demand. But due to restrictions, you cannot access them. But with Hotspot Shield you can unleash all the restrictions to access online content from any corner of the world. The app facilitates unblocking of content in more than 20 countries including USA, UK, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, India, and other countries.
Trackers are always on vigilance. Hide your IP address and location with the assistance of Hotspot Shield. Strengthen your privacy by installing Hotspot Shield app on your Android smartphone.
The usage of VPN servers ensures that you can browse swiftly over a secured network. The VPN facilitates higher bandwidth without compromising on the speed factor.

Usability – 4/5

As blocked content is an issue in almost all the countries of the world, Hotspot Shield finds immense utility in these countries. Providing a safe and secure way to browse restricted content, the app is popular amongst everyone.
The free version of the app will let you use apps and websites from the USA only. But if you want to unblock content from other countries as well, you can consider purchasing an elite version of the app. The usage of app provokes users to opt for the elite version. But if you don’t feel the need, you can keep using the free version.
Privacy and security are further enhanced when you get to know that Hotspot Shield doesn’t maintain any logs whatsoever. Hence, when your session is over, all data is deleted from VPN servers.
The app has the potential of cultivating a learning atmosphere. It aims at providing transparency and sharing views without any limitations.

Compatibility – 4/5

Hotspot Shield app is compatible with all major Android smartphones and Android operating system. The combination of smartphone and Android OS determines the app version that will work seamlessly on the device.


Hotspot Shield finds immense utility all over the world. This is evident from the fact that more than 400 million installs have been made so far. As the developers keep on rolling out regular updates, the app works smoothly at all times.
To unlock restricted usage and extend support up to five devices, you can purchase the elite version. Otherwise, constrained usage and unlimited annoying advertisements will ruin your experience with Hotspot Shield.

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