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Hay Day is one of the most interesting farming games that has been developed by Supercell. It is colorful, full of fun and lets you customize your farm by allowing you to grow various crops on it.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The game boasts of intricately designed graphics. Be it trees, houses, mud, lamp posts, grass, vegetables or truck, everything has been designed brilliantly. All these elegant elements hold the gamers for quite a long time. Their subtle colors and the optimum balance between hue and light is just perfect. In terms of sound, the flowing sound of the water, the chirping of the birds, the cock-a-doodle-doo of the cocks, all elevate the fun quotient of the game. There is a soothing track that always runs behind the game. Above all, the sound effects that pop-up on selecting any option enhance the gaming experience.

Gameplay 4/5

The game has a storyline as per which the player’s uncle has handed the responsibility of the farm to him. Once the initial story mode comes to an end, you see a scarecrow teaching you on how to undertake various activities on the farm starting with wheat harvest.  
Further in the game, your aim is to earn more and more coins for the development of the farm. You do the same by selling the farm goods. Once you get the coins, you can invest the same in building production facilities, purchase machinery, undertake repairing work, buy decoration items, etc. The coin can also help in level up.

Apart from the offline mode, there is also an online mode in the game. In this mode, the gamer can build a community (neighborhood) at the farm. Once that has been formed, the gamers can assist each other when in need. They can also communicate with each other using the integrated chat feature.

Controls 5/5

The entire control of the game has been divided into two major parts – tapping on the screen and dragging the screen. Various parts of the farm can be explored and seen by dragging the screen. On halting at a particular region of the farm, the player can tap any property or element such as a truck, bucket, etc. On tapping, various options pop-up in front of the gamer which can be further tapped for their execution.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

When you are in the game, you get to customize your farm, trade crops with the neighborhood, cater to the demand of the market by sending your goods, build your own town, welcoming visitors to your farm, etc. You earn coins in most of these activities. Also, all these tasks keep you on your toes and encourage you to play the game more frequently. The curiosity to see the crops budding and finding out the development of the farm create an everlasting game appeal.

Difficulty Level

When it comes to the difficulty level, Hay Day is not difficult but strategical. Prioritizing is the key when it comes to playing Hay Day. Devoting time to an activity more than what is required could lead to a loss in the opportunity cost and the game is all about managing the same.


The brainchild of Supercell, Hay Day is a terrific farming simulation game that everyone would love to get their hands on. With its visually appealing interface and pretty cinematic presentation, the game creates a long-lasting appeal for the gamers. The quirky animals on the farm further escalate the fun quotient of the game by leaps and bounds. The game supports various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, PC and even MAC.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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