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Grand Theft Auto game series doesn’t really need an introduction, and the new installment of the series makes all of its features even more prominent and refined. Grand Theft Auto V is an almost perfect open-world action game revolving around exciting criminal plot with car chases and gun fights.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The visual style has made a huge step forward since the GTA IV release, becoming even more realistic. Water looks more natural, shadows are smoother, reflections are better, and almost every other part of the graphical component of the game has improved, even if only a little bit. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a world this big can have so much detail and with so few bugs and glitches.
The sound effects are also great. In-game radio with lots of nostalgic hits always was one of the best features of the series, and it remains true for GTA V as well. The game has radio stations of many different genres, so you can always find something you like, whether it’s hip-hop or country music. And if you prefer silence, you are free to listen to the soft ambient soundtrack.

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay is great, allowing you to follow a very interesting criminal plot or just roam around freely, and the open-world of the game is so detailed you won’t become bored of it even after hundreds of hours in-game, and that is not to mention the online mode. As always, the game process is divided into separate missions that revolve around car theft, gun fights and committing other crimes.

Controls 5/5

Controls are very smooth and intuitive, and a PS4 controller feels very natural with the game. You can easily drive, aim and shoot with it, and after a while it becomes so comfortable you forget about the controls at all and just play the game. 

Lasting Appeal 4/5

The lasting appeal of the game is rather high. While you probably won’t be too eager to complete the missions of the main story line again, the gameplay itself is almost infinite, and you can literally play the game for years before it gets too repetitive. And with the online mode that time literally multiplies, because now you are able to share the experience with your friends.

Difficulty Level

The game is not too difficult, especially for players who are already familiar with the series. The missions are designed to rise in difficulty slowly, so you have plenty of time to get used to controls, character abilities, and so on. All in all, you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to play the game and have a lot of fun.


The combination of the almost perfect gameplay, modern graphics and sound effects, and intuitive controls is more than enough to make GTA V one of the best action games ever made. Even if you’re not really into such action games, give it a try and you probably won’t be disappointed.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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