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Google Earth is an amazing planet exploration tool that lets you take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world by simply tapping the screen of your smartphone. With Google Earth, you literally have the whole World in your hands.

Interface 5/5

No logins or registrations, only exploring and relishing. The beautiful blue sphere attracts you to tap and scroll through the whole Earth.

Explore fascinating points around the globe by using virtual tours. Or just use your fingers to zoom or go 3D in the most wonderful cities of the earth.

Google Earth offers you a beautiful intuitive touch interface with simple functionality. You can enjoy both satellite and aerial views, including HD photos of various locations.

The controls are as simple as ABC. Swipe with one finger to twist the globe and swipe with two fingers to adjust the view.

When you go 3D, you will turn up in the picturesque street or forest, depending on the location you choose. The high-quality real photos of particular places make the experience breathtaking.

Features 5/5

With Google Earth, any part of the world is available in details. However, the functionality of the Google Earth app is not limited to topography only.

Each new update from the developers is an attempt to study the planet as much as possible. The ability to navigate at Earth level allows you to view the streets of cities, moving from one panorama to another. The icon in the form of a little man can be tapped to navigate through the images in Street View mode.

If you’re feeling lucky, then try the square icon in the upper control menu, and it will suggest you a random location to observe.

From Everest to the little bush growing under the Pentagon. Google Earth will help you to find anything. The steering wheel icon is for those, who like not just to see, but also learn. This tab contains numerous categorized articles about places to see if you just want to travel, do sport, learn more about culture or history.

Usability 5/5

Google Earth is good for both kids and adults. Plan an imaginary trip to Africa? Learn something new about the places you’ve never been to? You can do it just in some taps and scrolls. Spin the globe and teleport to a new place every minute, the app provides an outstanding experience of traveling.

Compatibility 5/5

Google Earth is free and available for Android and iOS users. It is supported by most of the devices including tablets. There’s also a site version of the Google Earth to explore, so you can enjoy a full picture from your PC or laptop.


With Google Earth, the world is yours. The app’s interface is intuitive and really easy to use. The graphics look awesome, and the 3D views are stunning. The bigger screen like a tablet or a laptop is obviously more suitable for a full experience, but be sure to give a try for a mobile version. The Google earth isn’t just beautiful, its informative and can become your assistant for studies, or it can be useful for explorers to open up the new locations and plan new trips to discover.

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