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Gmail is one of the most respected and famous apps on the market – but it isn’t the best one. It is indeed a simple and very reliable app, but there are some downsides that don’t allow it to remain the leader of webmail apps anymore.

Interface 4/5

The interface of Gmail is rather simplistic, and while that seems like it was deliberately designed that way, it looks just kind of boring and unattractive. Sure, it’s not very important for a webmail app, but Google still can put some more effort into making the app more good-looking. Other than that, there are really no serious bugs or downsides of the interface.

Features 5/5

Despite its simplistic looks, Gmail is rather powerful and offers a lot of nice features. It stacks your messages automatically, regarding not the date of the conversation but rather the subject of emails. This helps you to be informed about what was discussed before, so you don’t have to scroll through long conversations to find out what your friend or business partner wrote a few months ago.

Google is very serious about malware and virus protection of its products, and Gmail is not an exception. The constantly updating systems remove up to 99% of the risk of infecting your device. And the app offers you a lot of storage space – up to 25 MB of file attachments per mail and 10 GB for all of your emails. This is much more than most people need, so you don’t have to delete anything ever.

Usability 4/5

Gmail is very simple yet powerful, solving your problems automatically or allowing you to do it in just a few clicks. There are a lot of text features to make your emails look professional, spam identifying is working well and fully automated. But there are occasional bugs that can be annoying, like when the app refuses to attach a file to an email or when there are suddenly no notifications about incoming mail.
There is also this system of labels instead of folders that allows you to organize your emails more precisely by putting one or more tags on them. While it sounds practical indeed, most of the users are more accustomed to using folders and will probably find this way of sorting your mail inconvenient. And keep in mind that the app doesn’t have the option to undelete your mail.

Compatibility 5/5

This version of Gmail requires a device that uses Android, but there are of course a lot of other versions of the app for every device imaginable, including any kind of iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Version of the operating system required depends on the device you use.


Gmail is a very well-known and convenient app, but it starts to lose the competition with other webmail apps that have more functions and overall give more options to their users. If you want a simple, reliable and quick webmail app without a lot of functions, this one is for you, but otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere.


  • Simple yet powerful features
  • Quick delivery of your emails
  • Respected domain name.


  • Very simplistic design
  • Not too many different functions.
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