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Secure your iPhone against theft and loss by activating Find My iPhone app on your iOS device. Integrated with effective features, the app tracks your device in real-time with unparalleled accuracy. 

Interface – 4/5

The basic functionality of this iOS app revolves around tracking your device with utmost accuracy. You can easily control your lost device by accessing it from the application. You can connect multiple devices with a single app and manage them efficiently. 

The developers have adopted a simplistic approach while designing the app. You will not witness any unnecessary details or complications while operating the app. The minimalistic design propels the performance of the app significantly. 

Features – 5/5

When you lose your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, or MacBook; you can effortless locate it with Find My iPhone app. The app will show the location of the device on the map. Talking about the accuracy of the map details, we noticed that the app displayed the exact location. You just need to abide by the directions intimated by the app to locate your lost device. 

While following the path on the map, if you are close to your lost device, you can trigger the alarm sound. The sound will be played for a period of two minutes at full volume. This way, you can locate the device with ease. 

To avoid any data theft and misuse, you can set up a passcode from a remote location. This way, if anyone locates your device, he or she will not be able to access your private and confidential information. 

Usability – 5/5

The usability of the app is concerned with locating the device. Hence, all the functions facilitate extensive search by performing various tasks. If you are in a vehicle, the app will show the accurate directions. The app will display exact instructions that you need to follow to reach your destination. 

In case you have any doubt regarding the recent location of the device, you can view the current location history to decipher the possible place where you lost your device. The Lost Mode feature incorporates this function. This function performs specific options that can quickly locate the device as soon as possible. 

If your lost device battery levels are considerably low, the app will intimate the same to you. This feature helps you in taking an appropriate action according to your comfort levels. It is possible that your device contains some confidential information that you don’t want anyone to access. In this case, you have the option to delete all information from a remote location. 

Compatibility – 5/5

Find My iPhone app is fully compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macbooks. However, your device should operate on iOS 8.0 and above. The app is available in different languages and hence, the language barrier is not an issue. 


To summarize, we can conclude that Find My iPhone app is not an option but a necessity if you own an iOS device. You cannot afford to lose your phone when you have invested your hard earned money on it. 

When you are using the app, you need an active internet connection for determining accurate directions. The information is stored on iCloud servers. The app connects the device with all other devices by utilizing data from the server. 

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