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Dragon City is a role-playing game wherein you are a Dragon Master with a collection of deadly dragons featuring special powers. Compete with your competitors to attain the supremacy in the game. 

Graphics and Sound - 4/5 

Dragon City is a game encompassing a world inside. There is an island where you will construct a habitat for your dragons. Hence, graphics play a major role in rendering a suitable gaming experience. The developers have done a commendable job by creating rich graphics. Not only this; the implementation of graphics during one-on-one bouts also deserves a special mention. 

To keep the users engaged, complimenting background score is necessary. Whether it is during bouts or gameplay; the developers have incorporated suitable music tracks. 

Controls – 4/5

The gaming controls in Dragon City are easy to comprehend. Even if you are a beginner, you can accomplish all the tasks with ease. Initially, it might look confusing but with regular usage, you will be accustomed to the controls. 
Whether it is constructing a world, accomplishing goals to complete levels, fighting other dragons in the battle; all the options are clearly mentioned on the interface. During our gaming experience, we didn’t witness any lags. 

Gameplay – 5/5

The Dragon City gameplay is impressive enough as it is not just confined to fighting battles between dragons. Besides participating in tournaments and fights to prove your mettle, you can create an imaginary world full of dragons. 

Dragon City gaming app gives you an opportunity to rear a different kind of dragons bearing supernatural powers. During a battle, you can unleash your dragons to subdue your opponent. Fatal blows will result in higher scores, thereby, climbing up the ladder in the leaderboard. 

There are more than 500 dragons available in the game. As a Dragon Master, you are responsible for managing their breeding and feeding. There are imaginary worlds and islands that serve as the habitat for the dragons. You can construct castles, buildings, farms, etc. to provide a perfect ecosystem for the dragons. Recently, four new dragons and The Shadow Island has been incorporated under Dragon City’s Spooky Halloween theme. 

Lasting Appeal – 4/5

Dragon City has something for everyone. For gamers who like to showcase their intellect in role-playing games, you have the opportunity to fight against other players from around the globe.

For the creative lot, there is an opportunity to curate a fascinating world or an island for their dragons. Utilize your management skills to accomplish the goals with the help of resources available. Until you are able to apply your creativity, the game will be appealing to you. 

Difficulty Level – 4/5

As it is a role-playing game wherein you compete against other players, you are bound to experience considerable difficulty levels as you proceed further in the game. If you are competent enough, you can become a Dragon Master. There are more than 80 million Dragon Masters who are all set to compete against you. 

While you are a building a city, your ability to utilize resources will test your patience and planning skills. 


If you are scouting for a game that offers you multiple game modes, Dragon City is an ideal option for you. With alluring graphics, interactive game levels, and real-time engagement; the gaming app captures user’s attention positively. 

The advertisements may annoy you, but you can eliminate them by purchasing the premium version. Moreover, various in-app purchases can be made for an enriching user experience. Log in with your Facebook details to save and resume the game at your will. 

Graphics and Sound
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