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Find your destiny in the kitchen by installing this amazing game – Cooking Fever.  This brilliant time-management game lets you cook scrumptious main courses and desserts from various parts of the world. 

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The game – Cooking Fever – is known for its elegant graphics and excellent sound effects. The characters have been intricately designed and so are the various locations that stay in the backdrop. The food items, dishes, utensils, meals, etc. all have a rich look that elevates the fun quotient. There are different background music tracks while selecting a challenge and as the game begins. Also, during the play, the sound effects such as whistle of the pressure cooker, steam noise, chink of the coins, etc. enrich the gaming experience.

Gameplay 4/5

If you wish to practice your cooking and time-management skill, Cooking Fever lets you do it in a variety of settings. The game offers a total of 19 unique locations where you are involved in cooking fast food, starters, main course, and desserts. These locations include but not limited to Oriental Restaurant, Oyster Bar, etc.

As you progress through the game, you find yourself behind the restaurant counter and customers are coming to you from all the side. The time starts as the stage begins. In a limited time span, your objective is to serve the customers with their given order. Once you do so, you satisfy your customers, who in return, pay you the bill. The money can be used to upgrade kitchen appliances, restaurant ornamentation, etc.

As a professional and prominent chef of the town, you are given more than 100 ingredients to cook. You can also involve in cooking freebies like cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Controls 5/5

Well, the game is all about tapping and dragging on the screen. As the customer arrives and places the order, you, as a gamer, need to instantly tap on the ingredients and start cooking. Once you are done cooking and compiling the ingredients into a final dish, you have to drag the plate towards the customer. The game is also about controlling your eyes. You have to keep an eye on the stoves, coffee machines, ingredients and most importantly the “Patience Bar” of the customers which reduces with every passing second. You can’t afford to lose a customer!

Lasting Appeal 5/5 

There are 300+ levels in the game and more than 400 dishes to be prepared. Also, with many things to unlock, this game encourages the gamers to play it more frequently. The same gives the game a long-lasting appeal. Above all, there are time bound levels that add to the thrill and fun of the game. Also, once you allow the Cooking Fever to access your location, it offers you regional-specific offers. All these features keep the gamers on their toes while playing the game

Difficulty Level

Initially, as you play the game, you find it a piece of cake. However, as you progress through the game, you feel the heat. The pressure of a plenty of orders, locked stoves, limited ingredients all aid in elevating the excitement level of the game.


Cook in style in your own restaurant with this well-designed and developed game – Cooking Fever. The fresh content of the game fused with strategic components makes the game all the more thrilling. Get to serve the customer with lip-smacking dishes and earn money in return. Post the tutorial level, once in the action mode, you micro-management skills are put to test. Oodles of interactive elements make this game a superb addition to your mobile games portfolio.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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