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Clash Royale is the sister franchise of the most popular strategy genre game Clash of Clans. It is an online multiplayer game packed with attacks, spells, defense mechanism and various other engaging and interesting elements.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The game – Clash Royale – has amazing and intricately designed graphics that elevate the gaming fun to a new height. There are 3D characters and elements such as forts, characters, etc. The blasting effect, fire effects, spell smoke, etc. add to the thrill. There are soothing background music tracks that change depending on situations such as attack, the building of the fort, last 60 second of the battle, last 30 second of the battle, etc. The sound effects during the attacks, kills, and destruction further connect the gamers with the gameplay.

Gameplay 4/5

When it comes to the gameplay of Clash Royale, it can be said that has been thoroughly thought and well-executed. The players in the game are ranked on the basis of their trophies and level. The trophies can be won by winning the battles with other players. The level up, on the other hand, takes place either by donating or upgrading the cards (cards are the playable units and spells in the game). As a player, you can construct a deck of cards with a maximum of 8 cards in it. These cards help in defending the Royals in the battles. The cards are divided into Rare, Epic, Common and Legendary.
Supercell – the team behind the game – introduced Tournament Feature in the game in the year 2016. Players can enter the tournament by selling the currency of the game, the Gems. On winning the tournament, they are given either the chests or special cards.
There is also a League mode in the game which only a player with more than 4,000 trophies can access. Once in the league mode, he can play in challenger mode or ultimate champion mode.

Controls 5/5

The control of the game is seamless and gives the player full authority over the game. While the center of the screen shows the battlefield, the bottom of the screen allows the gamers to control the troop and send the army personnel one by one. You also get to see the elixir level down in the bottom as the battle goes on. While the top right corner displays the time that is left for the battle to end, the top left corner shows the trophies and other details of the player.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

Though every attack in the game lasts for only 4 minutes but that in no way encourages the player to exit the game. Depending on the win or the loss, it motivates the gamers to upgrade their troop, gems, chests, and other essentials to win the next battle quickly. With tournament unlocking as the driving force behind the game, it creates a long lasting appeal for the players of Clash Royale.

Difficulty Level

Strategizing the attacks is, in fact, quite challenging and tricky. You sometimes get into a battle with a player with all the latest upgrades and unlocked cards. Winning against such players is quite a difficult task. Also, unlocking tournaments and league championships pose their own difficulties.


The strategy-filled game, Clash Royale always keeps the players on their toes. The attacks, spells, weapons, army, the power ups, the victory, and defeat all escalate the adventure level by leaps and bounds. The depth and brevity of the game make it both addictive and popular. The development team keeps on adding new features and upgrade in the game from time to time and it seems many other enthralling upgrades are yet to come and entertain the gamers.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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  • Thanks for the review, Jerry. I'm playing this game for almost a year and I even stopped playing Clash of Clans because of it. I have my own clan and we're constantly recruiting new players. The game is awesome but I'm a bit tired of standard unit and buildings. Could you please tell me how to download mods for Clash Royale? I've seen videos on YouTube where players change knights to skeleton knights and would like to know how to do the same with mine warriors. Thanks!!!
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  • Hello, Jerry. I was playing this game on iPad, but now I have Samsung Galaxy phone and want to know how much mb does clash royale take to download? Thanks.
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