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If games falling under the strategy genre are your favorite, then Clash of Clans is here to take your thrill and excitement level to a new height. Raise a clan and involve in battles with millions of other players taking part in this strategy-filled game.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The game has amazing miniature graphics that the gamers can see from an eagle eye perspective. The cannons, trees, forts, etc. have been meticulously designed. The levitating effect of the parachute, moon light play, glow of the fire, etc. are other special effects that blow life to the game. When it comes to sound, you, as a gamer, get to hear a melodious music track being played in the background all the time. Complementing this track are the various other sound effects viz. hammer beating a metal, fire attack sound, coin sound, laughs, shouts, etc.

Gameplay 5/5

While in the game of Clash of Clans, you can connect with other players via your internet connection. Once connected, you get a chance to build a community (known as the clans in the game). Once you have your own clan, you can train it to execute an attack and loot another clan’s gold and elixir. The aim of every clan is to loot the currency of other clans. The first currency is gold. The more the gold you have the better would be your defense system. Second currency that a clan tries to loot is elixir and dark elixir. With more elixir, a clan member can protect himself from the attack of others. Also, the elixir is important when it comes to training your clan. Gems are the premium currency of Clash of Clans. Apart from clan battles, the game has a single player campaign mode too wherein you can attack the Goblins’ fortified villages. All these attacks last for a total of three minutes.

Controls 5/5

The game offers an amazing control over each and everything. The controllers are scattered everywhere on the screen, thereby, empowering players to take quick action in any and every circumstance. While the center of the screen shows the battlefield, the bottom right corner shows show setting, news, menu, etc. The top right corner shows the various currencies and top center of the game give information on builders, duration of the shield, etc. The upper left corner of the game shows your attack logs, top players, friends, etc. The attack button is big and bold which dominates the bottom left corner.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

In most of the other strategy games, gamers enter into the monotonous zoon quite soon. However, this is not the case with Clash of Clans. This is one such game that makes the players addicted to it. Perhaps, the result of the war is one of the biggest reasons behind its long lasting appeal. To look at the construction status of his fort or to see if his fort is safe or not, the gamers keep on peeking at the game frequently.

Difficulty Level 

Clash of Clans is not about being hard, normal or easy. It is about the right strategic move at the right time. The game is also about patience because every battle lasts for three minutes and repairing of the damages and preparing the troop for the next battle take quite a lot of time.


With Clash of Clans, you get to build your clan, train them and attack with them on the forts of millions of other players. Deploying right warrior at the right time, consuming the right amount of elixir, etc. are some of the moves that you need to undertake strategically. All in all, with amazing graphics and excellent sound, the game keeps you on your toes and provide an unmatched thrilling experience.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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  • Hello! My name is John. I've just installed Clash of Clans app and already fell in love with this awesome game. Could you please tell me when is the Clash of Clans new update coming?
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