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The Cardboard app is a uniquely designed platform that helps to connect your Virtual reality headset from Google to your smart device. With this you can explore new apps and experience a whole new world of VR.

Interface 4/5

The design and user interface of this well known app is simplified, elegant and straightforward, making it easy for users to understand without having any prior knowledge and experience. All menu options and app features a clearly listed and can be easily navigated through. Toggle between various functions that are listed at the top of the screen and switch from VR apps to your Library by just clicking on the necessary tab.

Features 5/5

For those who have not experienced Virtual reality, the Cardboard app from Google is the perfect choice for you, giving you an insight into a brand new world of three-dimensional space. The app comes with pre-installed demos that include Google Earth in which you get to view the earth in a way you never have before. It also comes with a tour guide function enabling you to travel to any location and experience real-life happenings. The app also allows its users to browse, select and view their saved videos on the VR headset as if on a huge screen. Users can also examine artifacts, witness 3D in motion by visiting the Arctic, designing your own personal garden filled with blooming flowers, or bask under the stunning Northern lights. It also comes featuring the Photo Sphere in which users can view all their images captured via a creative sphere like screen. Alongside these thrilling features, you can also access various other apps that are compatible with the Google Cardboard app.

Usability 4/5

Although the Cardboard app is only restricted to be utilized with the Google Virtual headset and particular apps, it offers the best, most exhilarating experience of virtual reality, especially for those who have not witnessed it before. Not only does it take the data from your connected device, it allows you to browse through and view saved images and videos as though on a larger, wider screen, with a higher definition and clarity. This data stays on the apps interface for future utilization and viewing. What makes the app even better is that is enables users to connect to other VR apps so you can select and particularly choose for the app that meets your requirements. View images, play 3D games or watch videos on the Cardboard app and get an extensive list of all other games, videos and images on other VR apps that you can get access to.

Compatibility 4/5

The Cardboard app from Google is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices including mobile phones as well as tablets. For Android users, the device connected must have Android 4.1 and above for the version of the app to work.


With a wide range of latest options to select from, the Cardboard app along with the Google Cardboard headset is definitely highly recommended. Explore the virtual world of 3D and all it has to offer with some of the best entertaining apps available online. The Cardboard app is a high end platform that allows you to view your own content on an entirely different level as well as make the most of other apps online. However one must not utilize the headset too often as it could become additive and cause dizziness and discomfort.

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