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The most popular candy puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga is all about making matches of three or more similar candies in limited moves. The casual genre game is easy to play and a lot easier to get addicted to.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The game is visually appealing owing to the presence of a large number of colorful candies. The graphics have vibrant colors and stunning texture. There are vectors, animated characters, and animations that make the game all the more interesting. When it comes to sound, Candy Crush Saga always has a melodious tone running in the background. There are also sound effects on selecting a level and matching the candies. Above all, the voice over that announces the adjectives of the candies on their match makes the game quite interesting.

Gameplay 4/5

Candy Crush Saga is a story that revolves around two characters named – Tiffi and Toffee. As they travel to the Candy Kingdom, you get to see magical lands, wondrous sweet spots and meet delicious kooky characters along the way. There are four different modes of gameplay viz. Target Score, Timed Level, Drop Down and Order Mode. Each and every mode of the game has a different sugar track and each track having a plenty of levels on it. You also get to see “Sweet Surprises” as you progress on every track. Though there are different modes, the basic gameplay remains the same. You get pre-defined moves for every level. In each of these moves, you swipe candies up, down, left and right to match with their lookalikes. Your aim is to eliminate a maximum number of candies in limited moves. There are various candy power-ups that keep on coming on the board in the form of different color and textured candies.

Controls 5/5

There are no separate controls buttons to control the game. All it takes is swiping by your finger to move the candies and match with others that have the same texture or color. However, the interface of the game shows clearly the power-up such as a Hand, Lollipop, etc. in the top-left corner. The middle left of the screen also shows the time left, score and target.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The app works perfectly fine with the devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. that are supported or powered by Android, iOS, and Windows.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty in Candy Crush Saga depends on the level you are on. Difficulty level keeps on increasing as you progress in the game. There are various challenges such as the challenge of limited time, limited moves, etc. the pose in front of you while you play the game.


A well-designed casual genre game, Cady Crush Saga keeps your fingers and thumbs sliding across the screen for a very long time. It is engaging, challenging and easy to understand. The progress of the game is easy to sync between the devices. Also, with its online connectivity, you can play with your friends and unlock various other elements that plunge you deeper into the adventure.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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  • I completely agree with your review. Candy Crush Saga is my daughter's favorite game, she spends hours playing it but I'm okay with it. It's very colorful and non-violent which is a rare feature for modern games. I'm currently struggling to install on my ipad but every version I get seems to be broken. Does anyone know how to download candy crush on ipad mini? Thank you in advance
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