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The CamScanner Phone PDF Creator is an inventive and convenient tool that allows users to scan and transfer documents quickly and easily. The app makes scanning documents and converting them into a PDF file a user-friendly experience, which saves users the hassle of having to use a scanner or fax machine just to transmit documents or store them to their computer or phone. Documents are immediately ready to share via email or other sharing apps, as soon as it has been captured and saved as a file.

Interface 5/5

The CamScanner Phone PDF Creator has a highly intuitive interface and smart software design that innovatively allows users to take a photo of a document or photo, and transmit it into a scan-able file format such as PDF for immediate sharing via email, or other sharing app. This app is easy to use and keeps all of your scanned files in an easy database where you can edit, send or delete them with ease.

Features 5/5

The CamScanner Phone PDF Creator gives users the ability to scan any document or photo, including cheques, receipts, invoices, business cards, certificates and more, and share them in PDF format via email or other app immediately. The app conveniently uses your phone’s camera to scan, rather than relying on a printer or scanner, in order to send a document or create a copy of it for your computer or phone.

This innovative app allows you to scan and send important documents on the go, without having to rush to a scanner or fax machine. Users can edit their scanned images in a variety of formats, including black and white, and even add watermarks and make annotations on the image before converting it to a PDF file for sharing. This app allows users to crop and enhance their images immediately, to ensure best image scan quality, and users can then print, upload, store, share and even fax their image anywhere they prefer with a simple tap.

Usability 5/5

The CamScanner Phone PDF Creator is user-friendly and simple for people of all ages and skill levels. Simply click the photo icon to take a photo of your document and view it instantly, to ensure it was taken in good quality, or you can choose to re-take it. The app then follows you to an editing section where you can make any necessary changes before you are prompted to save as PDF or JPEG file and store it. Once the document is stored you can use the drop-down menu above the image to share, print or fax it anywhere you’d like instantly. 

Compatibility 4/5

The CamScanner app is compatible with Android and iOS tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC for your convenience.


The CamScanner app is an innovative and convenient tool for scanning important documents and photos, to store or share instantly with one intuitive software. Users can scan, upload, store, print or fax your documents anywhere you prefer with a few simple taps, at home or on the go.

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