E3 2019: The Games You Can Play Right Now

Surely, you know such a great annual event in gaming as Electronic Entertainment Expo in short - E3.  Since 2017, the year of its foundation, it always has been full of releases, surprises, and announcements. This year the E3 is no exception. We have known tons of discoveries, including some title launches. Sixty new games are available even as we speak. All of them were described during almost two-hour presentation. Let’s consider them in brief.

Devolver Bootleg

Devolver Bootleg Screenshot

This game is intended for playing on a desktop. The announcement was intricate, but it turned out to be the truth. You may know this developer - doinkSoft suggested adorable Gato Roboto before. Now its product appears to be a collection of eight remakes of the games by American developer Devolver Digital. Here you will find dungeon crawler, fast-paced action full of blood, arcade-style game, competitive fighter, and others.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales Screenshot

If you are fond of classic JRPGs, turn your attention to this creation of developer from Colorado. It is intended for PC and in the form of a demo version available right now, while the full release will be in 2020. This is a well-done cartoon game with perfect design and nice gameplay. When you act in this game, you impact your present, past, and future.

Roller Champions

Roller Champions Screenshot

Information about this game which will be offered for PC owners and in a demo version leaked before the official announcement. Though, the stolen show did not spoil the impression. Being a sports game played in 3 vs. 3 teams looks like a mash-up between a roller derby and Rocket League. We suppose it to become rather popular. Try its demo and judge by yourself.

Garden of the Sea

Garden of the Sea Screenshot

This game comes for PC and released in “early access”. You will definitely enjoy a vivid VR farming simulator allowing a player to relax running its farm with a cottage located on an island. You will pet animals and birds, go fishing and work. 


Bloodroots Screenshot

Bloodroots is available in a demo only now. Though it is developed to be used on PC and PlayStation 4. The title speaks for itself – this is a fighter with a target to kill everyone. It is made in a soft cartoon art style which looks rather attractive. In order to try a demo, sign up to the game’s mailing list.

Mini Mech Mayhem (PSVR)

Mini Mech Mayhem Screenshot

This game is for PSVR being developed by Futurlab. The chess-style gameplay will make you apply strategic thinking. Though silly characters and cartoony style make it funny enough. Be ready for its release.



During half a year almost this game appeared in the form of three demos. At last, its launch was announced. It is rather smart, breaking the boundaries of physics and being rich in various challenges. And you can purchase it on an official website of its developer.

Looking for Heals

Looking for Heals Screenshot

This strategy title is developed for real healers. You will be engaged in the healing of heroes chopping down plenty of enemies. Hurry to know more about this special genre in early access. Thus, we believe, there will be tons of updates soon. Still, it looks like intense, real-time action with powerful items, bosses, and other attributes of this genre. And remember, you can make a medical mistake and lose a character. The plot included the real stories of doctors.

A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher Screenshot

The game is a twin-stick action one which built in accordance with rules of arcade genre and can be played in split-screen every without a team. Here you are expected to have multi-tasking skills in order to succeed. Mind that you can dye here. You can see it sold on Steam, but now it is released on Nintendo Switch.

Contra Anniversary Collection

Contra Anniversary Collection Screenshot

Finally, we can play games in this collection which will be discussed since the beginning of spring this year, but only now its September official release was announced. In the package you will find 10 selected classic titles. The Contra franchise is well known and loved, so we believe you will be glad to get it. It will check your reaction skills.

To Play or Not to Play

This is up to you which of the above games to choose and do not forget that there are even more of them. You can play every release and spend splendid time or prefer genre you like the most. Anyway, the choice is wide and suits to every fancy. As you seem the fighting genre rules supreme. But there are other games with unique strategy gameplay. Be sure that you can spend your time to enjoy playing even if you have to refuse some other activities. A lot of releases are really worth your attention. E3 always brings new staff and until the next conference in 2020, you will be occupied with all those 60 games and their replayability, which we believe, is at the highest level.