Android Selfie Apps Selection

Why do we like taking selfies? Why are we involved in a continuous and senseless process which is not vital for us? Probably, the answer is a positive emotion. We are ready to take photos every minute, proving our experience right there and then and share it with other people. In addition, this is a well-controlled way of self-representation which can be used for benefits. You can choose images you like, mark the importance of the moment and build your own public image in the society publishing photos in social media, for instance. And then it is a good tool for entertainment, especially when you are offered to apply different features allowing to enhance and decorate your pictures, make them funny.

Nowadays, it is so easy to reach perfection if you have a mobile device with Android on it. Developers provide a lot of applications helping you to keep up with the fashion for a selfie. We are going to regard several of them and give you a chance to choose the most appropriate for your needs.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect Screenshots

This seems to be the best selfie camera app for Android to our opinion. There are features which will make your face more beautiful changing skin tone and removing drawbacks. The editor is very convenient bringing an editing process to a professional level. It is really easy to cope with all its features. Just imagine! You are allowed to improve your nose, make your eyes larger, and reshape your figure with its help. If you suppose that it makes sense, become slimmer on your selfies. In a group shot the app suggests personalized beautification. It is also possible to remove objects and change the background using templates in the library.


FrontBack Screenshots

This product is for those who want to take photos of people next to them and of the landscape just in front of them simultaneously. You will succeed in capturing a picture with both back and front camera at a time. Literally, you can show the world around you. It is possible to improve the result resizing and adjusting a picture to your preferences.


FaceTune2 Screenshots

FaceTunes is a highly intuitive editor which will make a glamorous movie star of you. It is packed with plenty of options intended to improve your look. You can say that all apps with such functionality do the same. Well, yes. But there are peculiarities. In this case, you will get access to the tools changing your face mostly. You will be able to enhance your eyes, nose, ears, teeth, and all the details. Editing may be rather deep. We do not speak about the color of eyes only, but about their width, shape, tilt, and so on. There are filters setting an optimal skin tone and Defocus option blurring the background, and Backdrop feature replacing the backgrounds with any of the available samples.

B612 Camera

B612 Camera Screenshots

B612 with the interface resembling Instagram delivers tons of interesting filters and options. It will take you just a couple of moves to achieve the result, and that is why it is among the favorites of millions of users around the world. You can shoot boomerangs, up to 6-second video and add music to a clip. Add any of over 1500 stickers from the library. You can make your face looking like a cute pet. The app remembers the most frequently used filters and options to suggest them automatically next time.


Retrica Screenshots

This one goes down the treat being one of the most frequently used selfie camera apps. Its strong point is a wide choice of filters (over 120) providing with plenty of effects including a vintage style. Here you can make collages and videos in a very simple way just tapping a needed icon. There are over a hundred stickers intended to make a picture more emotional. And you can apply a GIF mode to make a funny moving card of any video. What is really different with this product is that it is a community where you are suggested to see posts of other users, make friends and communicate online.


BestMe Screenshots

The app is designed for quick sharing on any social media. You are allowed to post the pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others directly. Here you will find tons of emojis in emoji-grid photo mode. There is also real-time collage feature, no-crop mode especially for Instagram delivering stickers and 125 real-time filters.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera Screenshots

It is a higher rated app with real-time effects, plenty of filters and stickers. It differs from the analogs with a Silent Camera feature. Applying this option, you can capture pictures without attracting the attention of people around. In addition, it provides you with free service of real-time unlimited video calls. Regardless of such rich functionality, the app is lightweight.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie Screenshots

Sweet Selfie provides everything you can expect of a selfie camera app. But here you will get the most complete package. Almost any options are available for making a new look. Modify brightness, change the color of your teeth, apply muscle stickers and retro features. And interface here is very intuitive.

Selfies: great or bad?

The answer depends on our attitude to selfies. You can use them as a beneficial tool to remember the current moment with your positive emotions or to represent your best qualities. This is a way to know the opinions of your friends when you publish your photos within social media. And still this is fun! You definitely should have any of the above or other selfie camera apps installed on your mobile device and enjoy the time spending on creativity. Become an author of your story in pictures! Develop new images and do silly stuff with sticks and filters. Definitely the applications are a must have for your smartphone.