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Bitmoji is an amazing engagement app that allows you to create and customize an expressive avatar and turn it into a sticker. The same can be used during chat and conversations on various messaging applications.

Interface 5/5

The user-interface of the application is simple yet powerful. After a quick initial setup, you are redirected to the avatar making screen. The same is divided into two vertical sections with one consisting of various features and one with your avatar that changes on a real-time based on the option that you select. All in all, the interface of the app is engaging and makes the avatar-making process a super fun.

Features 5/5

There is hardly any app that could beat Bitmoji when it comes to features. The app lets you explore oodles of features once you get into it. The app offers two broad ways of making the avatar which are Bitmoji Style and Bitstrip Style. Once that is selected, the avatar-making ride begins.

There is a ‘Face Shape’ feature with which one can finalize the basic structure of the avatar’s face. Further, the app offers ‘Hair Style’ feature. Under the same, there are plenty of hair wigs to choose from. The app then allows you to choose from a number of different eyebrows for the avatar. Once the eyebrows have been finalized, its color can be changed too. Then there comes the feature to change the mouth and cheek shape.

In Bitmoji, it is not just about a face close-up of the avatar. One can choose to change the headgear, body shape, its dress, and plenty of other things. And of course, one can go back and change anything or everything at any time.

Usability 5/5

Emoticons are now the thing of the past. With Bitmoji, one can create more ‘expressive’ characters that can perfectly replace these tiny little yellow icons on every messaging application. In fact, with a plenty of customization features, the stickers can be used to clearly say what cannot be said with words. 

First and foremost use of the application is building an avatar of your own which itself is a fun activity. Choosing and experimenting with various options and elements to create an avatar make this app quite an interactive one. 

Making an avatar and saving it in your phone doesn’t make sense! Hence, the app is used to share the avatar with others. Once the Bitmoji keyboard has been integrated into your phone’s default keyboard, it can be used to send the avatars in the form of stickers over chats and conversations. The Bitmojis can be sent over Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Gmail, etc.

Compatibility 5/5

The Bitmoji app works great and without any glitch on Android 4.3 and up. It also works fine on iOS 9.0 and later. Thus, the app supports the devices that are powered by these OS.


No one wants to have a mundane text chat with anyone over the phone. The avatars created by the app Bitmoji blows life to every conversation with the colorful and interactive YOU. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the app doesn’t pose any challenges in front of you as you make your avatar. So, get creative and make your lookalike with this simple yet powerful emoji-making application.

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