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The Amazon Alexa app is your best companion when it comes to using the Alexa device. You can now manage all your work, entertainment, and connections even when you're away from Alexa. The app helps you control the device and its functionality even better.

Interface – 3/5

Bringing a clean and direct user interface that is easy to use is what the Amazon Alexa app is all about. Whether you're playing your favorite tracks, making a shopping list, or just checking the weather, the app helps you find anything - fast. Although it does take some getting used to in the beginning, the app is quite productive and enhances the use of your Alexa device or others such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

Features - 5/5

In terms of performance, the Amazon Alexa app stands out for all the right reasons. It is a quick and easy way to control your device, even when you're not at home. With a new feature called Drop In, you can connect instantly with friends and family to let them know you're coming, to check up on them, or to even find out what's for dinner. The app now also lets you call Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show users, as well as Alexa owners, and have conversations even while you're driving home from work. You can even call contacts that have the Amazon Alexa app on their devices. The app works like a remote control which allows you to create shopping lists, music lists, set alarms, save calendar dates, ask questions, and so much more. You can even stream your favorite music and radio stations from the app through the Alexa device.

Usability – 4/5

With the Amazon Alexa app, your hands free experience will be enhanced significantly. Using to app to control your voice activated Alexa will ensure that the device's performance is majorly improved. You can, through the app, make subtle setting changes that help Alexa adapt to your voice, understand commands better, set your favorites, choose the best weather and news sources, and much more. Not only will the app help you finely tune Alexa, but it can help you stay connected on the go. Voice call, video call, or just share voice messages to let your loved ones know what you're doing. The Amazon Alexa app is a creative and beneficial tool that is both easy to use and powerful in its performance. With crisp and clear tabs and functions, the app reduces tiny mistakes in control or performance so that you always get the best from Alexa. In addition, all your voice commands are mirrored visually in the app so you can take better control of the device.

Compatibility – 5/5

The Amazon Alexa app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that run on Android 5.0 and above. It is also supported on iOS and Windows devices. The app is free to get and use.


If you have the Amazon Alexa device or any of the Amazon Echo models, you definitely need the Amazon Alexa app. It is a smarter way to stay connected on the go and help your device adapt better, which, ultimately enhances its performance and gives you perfect results every time you use it. With the new calling features and Drop In, you can always keep your friends and family updated. The easy to use interface and functions make it ideal for every member of the household.

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