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Mini clip 8 ball pool is a unique Android gaming app exclusively built for your smartphone. Get the gaming app and enjoy playing with different opponents. Check out its features.

Graphics and sound - 4/5

The 8 ball pool is equipped with modern features, sounds, and graphics which give an ultimate Android gaming experience to its users. The graphics are a set of customizable high-resolution visual effects available for your smartphone.
The designs of mini clip 8 ball pool Android gaming app include a set of customized pool tables along with a variety of cues and the quality of balls used for the game play.

Gameplay - 4/5

The 8 Ball Pool gaming app offered by miniclip.com is built on the Android platform which is best suited for latest Android operating system 8.0 on your smartphone. It is an addictive Android gaming app.
8 Ball Pool is built to allow users to play one v/s one matches on normal mode as well as tournament mode. You can also pick an opponent for playing the game by joining any one of the live chat rooms available in the app.
Moreover, you can create your own chat room within the app where you can invite your friends for the game play by using the multiplayer option available. The app offers practice session where you can refine your game play skills. You can avail information with the given game play instructions at every stage.
It is easy to use the app on your smartphone which allows you to game upon a single player or multi player game play level.

Controls - 4/5

The 8 ball pool gaming app gives you instructions as to how to play the game. The interactive elements of the app let you get used to the game play. Mini clip 8 ball pool app also lets you decide your game play at every point of time.
Mini clip 8 ball pool app is the latest version of the previously developed Android gaming app which has more features to take users’ Android gaming experience to a new level.

Lasting Appeal - 4/5

Mini clip 8 ball pool app is compatible with Android smartphones with the latest version of the operating system i.e. v8.0. It's vibrant graphics and features allow the users to experience a new level of Android gaming experience.
The gaming app comes with in-app purchases which allow users to switch to the upgraded versions of the game play features. In the current version of the gaming app, the developers ensure that the app features are customizable and user-friendly.

Difficulty Level 4/5

Mini clip 8 ball pool is an interactive gaming app which you can search and select different players and start the game play. You can choose from a list of game play levels available in the gaming app, starting from easy mode to the difficulty mode.


The 8 ball pool is an addictive Android gaming app which offers an exclusive range of game play options right on your smartphone screen. If you are new to the gaming app, do not hesitate to go through the how-to-play instructions.
Mini clip 8 ball pool Android app comes with vibrant features and exclusive interactive elements which are user-friendly. The recent update of the gaming app offers a new gaming experience on your smartphone.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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